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J Porter
04-10-2006, 12:43 AM
The last batch of Alder plaques I rec'd from JDS (8x10 and labeled on the back as being Made in Mexico) leaves a distinct line along the glued joint when that area is lasered. It appears that the glue doesn't burn away at the same rate as the wood.

I'm very disappointed and rate this as marginally acceptable (only 'cause I need to complete this project and it's not really very noticeable at more than 5 feet).

Has anyone else seen this? I have no idea what possible steps could be taken as a work-around, if there is any. I'll report this to JDS in the AM.

Suggestions? Comments??

Dave Fifield
04-10-2006, 1:07 AM
Couldn't you use a small chisel to remove the evidence of the glue line? It wouldn't take long I suspect. I have only used solid alder so far. I will look out for this issue should I use any glued-up stuff.

Dave F.

Barbara Buhse
04-10-2006, 3:31 PM

where do you get solid alder (in sizes like 8 x 10?)


Dennis Kotlowski
04-10-2006, 7:35 PM
I have also found this out about JDS plaques. Their photo frames are also a little cheap looking and they are made in China. The frames laser pretty good but I find myself peeling the "made in china" stickers off before they are shipped to the customer. I have switched to Studio Workshop www.studioworkshop.com (http://www.studioworkshop.com). Every plaque I have purchased from them is a solid piece of Alder. They have great wood sheets also. I just received a bundle of red alder and oak sheets from them. When they were cutting my order they cut them the wrong length (1" short) but they were nice enough to call me and ask me if I wanted them (at 25% off) I took the whole load they miss-cut. 1" differance didn't bother me....was just using them for magnets and ornaments. I hope this info helps!

Denny K
JD Laser Gifts
www.jdlasergifts.com (http://www.jdlasergifts.com)

Dave Fifield
04-11-2006, 7:30 AM

where do you get solid alder (in sizes like 8 x 10?)


Hi Babara,

I get alder boards from my local lumber stores. The best quality comes from a place called Southern Lumber, in San Jose, but their prices are about 3x what they should be. However, their wood is all nicely milled and ready to use, plus they have lots of nice boards up to 12" and wider to choose from. Cheaper than Southern Lumber is a place called The Sawdust Shop, in Sunnyvale. Their stock is generally a little rougher and requires selection and re-milling usually, but the price is right. Whenever I'm at one of these stores, I usually check out their stock to see what they have and pick up boards that I like the look of to store for later use.

As I understand it, alder is pretty common on the left coast here, and is pretty much considered to be firewood by most! I'm sure there must be online dealers who can supply you - I don't know them though, sorry!

Dave F.

Barbara Sample
04-12-2006, 10:51 AM
Hi Barbara,
Try this website. Just found it. Looks pretty good.


Dave Fifield
04-12-2006, 6:20 PM

The alder plaques on that website look like they are glue-ups too - beware!

Dave F.