View Full Version : Old Delta DP 220

Tim Clark
03-27-2006, 6:19 PM
I stopped on a whim at a garage sale today and couldn't believe it when I cast my gaze on a very old DP 220.

The owner (a very nice older gent) plugged it in and turned it on. It looks like the original motor and power switch/cord are on it too. It looks like someone put a keyless chuck on it though. Other than some moderate surface rust it really looks to be in pretty good shape.

I know its old. I know it works. I'm waiting to find out if it's still available after another buyer looks it over and decides to shell out $200. I don't know if the price tag is firm and will definately ask if I get the chance.

Question #1. Is it worth 2 bills?

Question #2. What is the possible age range for it?

I do need a DP and using something (possibly) older than me (and in better shape too) is very appealing.

Thanks in advance.