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Joe Pelonio
03-24-2006, 12:28 PM
I started a thread in another area about bamboo boards, considering it for a kitchen remodel. Then I contacted the manufacturer who says that it's laserable, available in veneer, and boards 1/4" - 3/4" Anyone lasered it yet? They are sending me a sample kit to play with, turns out they are local just a few miles from the shop.

Mike Shauer
03-24-2006, 1:25 PM
Joe, Would you mind telling me who the distributor is? I looked at the bamboo floor material but this my be better. Cheers, Mike

Lee DeRaud
03-24-2006, 1:54 PM
Joe, you might want to PM Mike McKenzie on this subject. When I was at his shop getting a demo last year, he was engraving some bamboo cutting boards for a local restaurant.

Joe Pelonio
03-24-2006, 2:11 PM
Here's the online info for one store, but they do have local distributors. Look for the brand name Teragren. Prices at the bottom. Not cheap.


Thanks Lee, will do.