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Douglas Robinson
08-11-2003, 4:58 PM
I have just about completed the parts for 12 plantation shutters. Prior to assembling the parts I want to have them painted. Does anyone have any recommendations. If it matters I live in VA outside of DC. Thanks

Rusty Hughes, Indy
08-12-2003, 9:11 AM

I worked my way through college as an exterior painter and I found out two things.

1. Primer is very important.

2. Do not buy cheap paint.

In every instance when we did not do these two things we had to repaint a couple of years later. Also, if your shutters will get direct sunlight, there are paints out there with UV protection but you will still need to paint every five years or so, maybe sooner.

I'm sure our professional painter, Jason, will have some more advice also.

Hope this helps.


Phil Phelps
08-12-2003, 12:59 PM
Slow to hand paint. I don't really like latex paint on interior woodwork. But, exterior wood, I use only latex. Where Jason and I differ is in the primer. I like to use an oil base primer. Actually, I like the Benjamin Moore product, Fresh Start. If you use this primer, and two coats of their exterior acrylic latex, you'll have an outstanding finish. It will last many years. The primer is formulated expecially for the use of latex top coat. I rarely, ever, single coat anything. As I mentioned, shutters are slow to brush and you really have to watch for drips and sags. I'm not sure this job would warrant an airless spray gun for the job, but you could paint the shutters in minutes rather than the hours it will probably take. (You'll need to wait overnight for the oil base primer to dry suffeciently before applying the latex)
Whatever you do, don't cheat yourself with cheap paint. I like the "real" paint stores with national name brands. There is an alternative to wooden shutters. This past spring I used the plastic-wood grain shrtters for my house. I have a supplier that I buy from. They have certain colors that they guarantee for fifty years. I wanted a custom color so I painted mine with latex. You can't tell these from the wooden shutters. Good luck.

Douglas Robinson
08-12-2003, 5:05 PM
I should have mentioned that these are 57" tall interior shutters. Each has 12 louvers with two actuation rods. Thanks for the advice and if I paint them myself, I will use quality primer and paint. :)