View Full Version : Thanks to SMC and HP -- Problem Solved!!!

Jack Hogoboom
03-10-2006, 7:17 PM
Thanks to a couple of SMC members who have contacts at HP (I'd like to tell you who they are if they would permit it), out of the blue yesterday, I got a call from a woman from HP's "executive office" about my rant (I'd insert the link but I don't know how). She took down all of my information and said she'd be back in touch. About 2 hours later, she called me back. She had tracked down all of my purchase information and put me in touch with a tech who put a new A/C adapter in the mail to me right then and there. With any luck, I should have it by the middle of next week.:D :D :D

I am simply blown away that (i) the folks at SMC were so interested in my problem and (ii) that HP went out of its way to take care of my problem when it was brought to their attention. It's been said before that woodworkers are the nicest people. Well, this is one incredible example of that adage and also a great example of what a company can really accomplish when it focuses on customer service. :D :D

Thanks to all of you who took the time to read my post and especially to those of you who cared enough to get involved on my behalf. :D HP rules!!!!!


Bill Lewis
03-12-2006, 10:36 AM

I glad that it worked out for you, and I am glad that we were able to help.

I just wrote a longer response about this but the creek seems to be having a log jam somehow, and it didn't go through. The short story is that I was able to forward Jack's orginal post to my wife who works for HP. She was able to forward it along to the right people to get it fixed.

There are alot of people at the real HP who still care about customer problems regardless of what product level. The reality is that there's not much profit margin in consumer level products. As you know the consumer level servicing has been outsourced, they'd had to do so to remain competative. However they do still have the power to step in and correct a wrong when the system fails, and they're are happy to do it. None of them like to see unhappy customers.