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Doug Jones
08-04-2003, 8:34 PM
The LOML is for the most part a reasonably intelligent woman, but every now and then something like this happens. The other day she bought a little clock for our daughters school back pack. After spending a while trying to set the clock, she gave up cause the time wouldn't change. (See where this is going yet?) The clock set on the table for the last two days cause she was going to return it to get another one. Tonight during supper I picked it up and asked her when she was going to take off the sticker? You know, the face protecting sticker that displays a painted on time. She thought I was joking until I showed her the sticker.
After laughing about it for about half an hour, she said, the other day I past on a new work watch that I really liked cause the time never changed. I thought it was broke as well.
I love her dearly and thank goodness we can laugh together cause if we didn't laugh at ourselves we'd probably go postal.
Take moments like this and cherish them forever, because when you screw up and she lets you know it, you will always have this to fall back on.
Keep it real, Doug

Bob Lasley
08-04-2003, 11:44 PM
Doug, that is a classic! Our little uh-ohs sure make life easier when we laugh them off and then put them away for another day when a little chuckle eases our burdens. Tell your wife thank you for brightening my day.


Perry Schmidt
08-05-2003, 1:15 AM
I was watching an episode of Wood Works yesterday and David Marks was talking about using a 'marking stick to mark the board...'. My wife came into the room about that time and overheard - said "Marking stick - It's just a PENCIL! Why do you woodworkers have to have weird names for everything!". When I told her what a marking stick really was she laughed! Man I love that woman! Like your wife, a great sense of humor! I'm so glad they put up with us :)

(Now even though I couldn't resist this, if other stories surface, be kind! I know I do my share of not-so-smart things too. :)

Perry Schmidt

Mike Schwing
08-09-2003, 7:44 AM
HAHA! I believe it!

Last week, for some reason, a bunch of my in-laws, wife included, were discussing the names of various bars and what they might mean. Some/most were obvious - and sports related.

Now my wife and I both were raised in Baltimore and went to prep schools, where lacrosse was unavoidable, totally unavoidable. You cannot have gone to one of the schools we did and hang out in the crowds we did and NOT understand the game of lacrosse better than you'd ever want. OK, with that laid out...

I said "Yeah, "The Crease" in Towson" - obviously named for the area of the lacrosse field named "the crease". There's lacrosse stuff all over that bar - ALL OVER IT!

She was floored. Completely floored. "I never got that one! I've been in there a million times!"

You know how there's some things you wish you didn't know about your wife?