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Don Henthorn Smithville, TX
07-31-2003, 6:12 PM
OT: I've got an old Root riding lawnmower that was made in Chicago before half you
guys were born. I want to replace the old notched pulley rope start engine with a new
easy starting engine. I am closer to 84 than 83, you know. My problem is that I don't
know how the pulley arrangement is fastened on the shaft. If I am lucky I have attached
three views of the pulley. I think you can see ir is a double pulley with a spacer in the
middle and it appears to be one piece of metal. The spacer has a couple of blind holes in
it about 1/2" deep. There is a 1/4" key slot and if I poke in something about an 1" or more
I seem to hit a key. There are no set screws holding the assembly but there was a machine
screw with washer on the end of the 1" shaft. Does anyone have knowledge of how this
pulley might be fastened to the shaft. I have't really gotten brutal with it yet, but thought I
might be able to get some advice before I do. TIA

Carl Eyman
07-31-2003, 6:36 PM
It looks to me like a job for a gear puller. If you don't have one, perhaps a local machine shop or the place you are buying the new engine could do it for you.
Be forewarned it may be tough. Usually the older the tougher. In the wet grass envirement the possibility of corrosion on the shaft is always possible. If you are not trying to sace the old engine, it can be heated with a torch which is some help. LOL

Steve Clardy
07-31-2003, 6:50 PM
You are welcome to use this puller, however it may be a 10-12 hour drive for you. ha
Go to a machine shop, truck shop, heavy equipment shop, etc., and see if they will pull it for you with something similar to this. Steve

Don Henthorn Smithville, TX
07-31-2003, 9:28 PM
Thanks, Carl and Steve. I figured that might be the solution, but never having seen this setup before I thought I would ask first. Unfortunately all my gear pullers are in the shop in California where I haven't been in years. I really don't have to take the pulley assembly off since it looks like the replacement engine will have a 7/8" shaft instead of a 1".
I mainly wanted the pulleys to take to the bearing shop to get the right size replacement pulleys. I'll probably turn a maple spacer to keep them apart the right distance.