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Peter Stahl
07-31-2003, 10:25 AM
We just got 2 new PC's (Both are running XP Pro version on a Dell Pentium 4) at work and they have Timbuktu on them (I know Windows XP has this built in but this is what we have to use at work). The one computer you can see the icon on the taskbar near the clock when it's on, the other doesn't show the icon down there. Even if you click the arrow to unhide you still don't see it but I know it's running. I looked though all the help and preference stuff and didn't see a option to hide it. How can I hide the icon and still have this program running? TB2 is a neat program, you can observe/control a pc from anywhere. That's how they save some money, they try and fix your software from the service center first, if that doesn't work then they'll send someone out.

thanks, Pete