View Full Version : I have a '03 Dodge with a 6.5 bed...

Dan Smith
07-30-2003, 10:53 AM
Well actually 6'3". I have the 2500 3/4 ton with the diesel. Great truck. I have 4X4, and as others have said, wet grass, wet pavement with steep incline, and you may want 4X4 just to get things rolling with out spinning, especially if hauling a trailer. The most I have used my 4x4 on this truck has been one snow storm, and pulling stumps out of the yard. I also have the 4 door extended cab, which is nice, but like others I would not want to park it if it had an 8' bed. If you want to lay sheet goods flat, I just put the gate down, and have over 8'.

Hal Flynt
07-31-2003, 2:40 PM
I just Drove a HEMI 1500. I like the power, but I like hot rods. I'm coming around to short bed.