View Full Version : Keith, Tell us about the new server hdw.

Ken Garlock
02-20-2003, 3:34 PM
Hi Keith, being a retired computer type with 30 yrs on IBM mainframes, and 3 yrs on Sun systems, how about giving us computer nuts a run down on the new server you mentioned in your announcement.

You are running RAID 5 and hot-plug SCSI drives, right? BTW, Linux and Apache make a good server....:)

Wouldn't have an IDE device.

Keith Outten
02-21-2003, 6:01 PM
Linux and Apache do make a good reliable system, we have been a Linux ISP since day one almost eight years. We are still waiting on some of our hardware so we'll hold our announcement for a little longer.

In the coming weeks it is possible that we may in fact acquire some very high end hardware that would be very exciting. Hampton Roads Online is a web hosting company and we are interested in expanding on this service in the near future. As part of our expansion plans we are interested in acquiring equipment that would allow us to provide data mining and ultra high transmission equipment as well. SawMill Creek would benefit obviously if this type of gear was installed in our office.

That's all for now :)

Ken Garlock
02-21-2003, 7:44 PM
Once again you made a good choice with Linux and Apache :)

Don't forget the OC-3 comm line :D

Looking forward to hearing more when the time is right....

Keith Outten
02-22-2003, 7:02 AM

We actually do have an OC3 fiber demark in our back office but it isn't fully populated. I don't keep up with the prices for bandwidth these days as we don't have problems in this area, we peak at about 47% of our network capacity. The last time I did inquire I believe that the monthly rate for 45 mbps was in the neighborhood of $17,000.00 but I could be mistaken.

Our upstream provider runs a nationwide backbone and our office is located within one mile of their NOC. HRO provides co-location services but we don't get into the bandwidth business as it is very competitive and since our local area is fortunate to have one of the most reliable backbone providers I send people directly to them for connectivity. Those who don't know the definition of CIR will always look for the cheapest connection and generally get exactly what they pay for :)

We have never used IDE drives in our servers but I guess these days it is pretty common to see IDE and non-unix combinations if you get my drift. I have to laugh here as I think of all those cheap web hosts and all the problems they must have keeping their junk servers with horrible uptimes online, some people just don't need to sleep :) Every server in our office is headless, mouseless and very reliable...