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Doug Evans
07-17-2003, 11:14 AM

At the risk of breaking rules here, Ben and I would like to to put together an Ultimate Neanders Long Weekend in the fall. The intent is to bring people together from all over for a weekend retreat to talk about tools (formal and informal agenda) and to take advantage of a number of concurrent events. Aside from an optional planemaking course, the four days are planned to be high-impact, low-cost, and non-profit. We would like to provide tours of the water-powered mills that we have talked about in some of our stories:


http://www.shepherdtool.com/DEC%20%20JAN%202003%20newsletter%20part%203%20tyro ne_mill.htm

The owner of the Tyrone Mill has offered to cook us all a dinner on the woodstove when we are there.

The Tools of The Trades Show, an antique hand tool show/sale with 60 dealers occurs on Sun. Oct. 5, and the Tool Group of Canada Meeting occurs on Sat. Oct 4.

We might be able to catch a “walk in” guitar and Scottish Ballads night at The Copper Kettle (British Pub ):


I have talked to the owner of one of our local B&B’s, The Rose and Thistle, and the rates are extremely favourable for us ($Cdn 40 – about $US 30). They have an excellent fireside chat room where we could do our presentations of tool history, folklore, and hand tool usage. I am trying to arrange for a tool celebrity to do a hand plane tuning seminar. I have included some pictures to give you an idea.

I have also spoken to the owners of Grand River Troutfitters for an optional Beginners Flyfishing Training Session (five hours for $Cdn 99 and all equipment provided). The Grand is one of NA’s top rivers for Brown Trout. Weather dependent, I have done this and it is a great experience.


Again, our intent here is to get people together for a great time. If you’re interested and want to know more, contact me. I need to know more, so I can set an agenda and provide an estimate of costs, etc.



Roger Myers
07-17-2003, 11:24 AM
OK, I'm done thinking...all that fun and I don't have to use real money :) Sounds good to me....
Of course I'll have to clear the schedule, but I'm very interested!!
I actually think the timing will work out well....

Now I have to start practicing ..."Honey, ther's this little woodworking thing going on...."

I'm also thinking shoulder plane....hmmmm....????

Keep me posted Doug!!

Ed Weiser
07-17-2003, 1:05 PM
Sounds like a great idea, my two favorate activites, woodworking and flyfishing. Please continue the updates as the program firms up but count me interested! Thanks.

Ed Weiser

Dave Anderson NH
07-17-2003, 2:23 PM
Well Doug, no fly fishing for me, my only interest in fish is a culinary one. I want to hear more and my calendar has already been cleared. The idea of being able to buy tools with the "discount dollar" really appeals to me.

Roger Myers
07-17-2003, 2:44 PM
I'm off this afternoon and already cleared the dates with SWMBO....
leaving in a short while for NY to pick up Katie...but no stop at Irion this time :( as the car will be full.....

Doug Evans
07-17-2003, 5:47 PM
Hi Folks:

Think three or four day weekend...

Dave: The Fly Fishing is optional and we will have another thing planned...

We will try to have someone pick up/return anyone coming to the Toronto A/P. I am going to try to rent a van and set up insurance for it so that tere is no travel expense involved.



Paul Barnard
07-17-2003, 8:08 PM
Hi Folks:

Think three or four day weekend...,


Looks like I'm OK. I have cleared it with SHMBO. I'm on pain of death not to spend any money on tools but that's normal anyway ;)

I'll be driving and I have a mini van so there will be 6 spare seats there if needed. As it's a personal not buisness thing should be no issues with insurance.

Doug Evans
07-18-2003, 10:08 AM
I was just informed this morning that this is the weekend of the Woodstock Wood Show, one of the larger ones in NA (40,000). Woodstock, Ontario is about 1 1/2 hours away from Fergus.

I will try to concoct an agenda that works here and have it out before the end of the weekend.



Jim Stastny
07-18-2003, 7:07 PM
Or as my sweet wife would say: "Cuss, cuss, cuss"

I'm already booked that weekend. Oh, the things that will make a grown man cry. :(

Doug Evans
07-19-2003, 7:29 AM
We can take a hint...

Despite the fact that it's the first one and the holey T-Shirts will be auctioned off as collectibles on eBay for $10,000 in a few years... that we will go right over the edge to make this excruciatingly the best eperience we can for the lowest possible cost to the participant (you guys need to be able to afford a beer or two at night - and the rooms are within stumbling distance)... that I am out combing the hills for a guid reader of Burns and a guid single malt... that the whole thing will disappear into the mists like Brigadoon... that we will likely raise a glass and say things like "I wunder what it would be like if Jim were here?"...

Despite all those things and others...

Yur not comin because ya thinks Ben and I smell like horses!

C'mon admit it! Be a mahn!

There's always next year!


Jack Higgins
07-19-2003, 7:33 PM
Doug -- event and timing sounds great. It'll be great to get out of Dallas and to some cooler weather.

I second Roger Myers' thoughts on the Shoulder Plane. Also interested in Fly Fishing.