View Full Version : interesting/well done rain forest story

john mclane
01-05-2006, 10:08 PM
Today on public radio there was another interesting and well done story on the affect of logging and other human activities on monkey species on Bioke Island off Africa:

Here is a link: http://audio.theworld.org/wma.php?id=01058

As wood workers we are using a potentially renewable resource and should consider what impact our use of different woods has on other peoples and enviroments. However some of the tropical trees are still endangered and over logged. Most WW that I have met personally are very conscious of this and try to be conservative.

There is always more that can be done both personally and in general. Some of the good wood working books have indications of where different woods come from. It may help remind us of the need to conserve if stores and email sites for wood had this information even if it was just a symbol.

Those of us who have extra of these types of tropical wood after a project, may let other know so we can do an exchange or trade of some sort.

Another way is to support international conservation projects.

With the temptation and opportunity to ramble: there is a new drug being developed for relief of cancer pain that has been first isolated in a conus snail that was first discovered in the devastated reefs off Australia. The preliminary tests of this potential drug indicate it might be better then opiates in several different ways without being addictive. There are other new potential medicines in our diverse earth; we have to give ourselves time to discover them before they animals or plants become extinct.

The scientist on this radio program did not think the monkeys on this island would survive another decade and they have a very active conservation program.