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Eddie Severt
02-20-2003, 6:54 AM
Bill Grumbine, how are your relatives? Just an update on the conditions here in West Virginia. We were pretty lucky here at my home, we just got 6 inches of ice. No snow, no power outages. Just extremely hazardous driving and a "state of emergency" if you were out driving and did not have a legitimate emergency reason you could be ticketed. One ouf the nearby counties had 12' of ice and buildings going down. Over 150,000 people without power and some will not get it back until Sunday evening. Nicholas county (a very rural county) has an estimated 50-75 percent of trees destroyed, and most counties have severe damage. I would like to hear updates from other areas. We have school today for the first time this week.

Bill Grumbine
02-20-2003, 10:49 AM
Hi Eddie

I got your email and responded there before I got to the board here. School first time for the week, eh? When I was in Summersville, my aunt said the kids had only been to school two days that month! No summer vacation for them!

We had a bunch of snow, not more than 18" I think, but drifts to 5' or so. It is sunny and melting right now.


Eddie Severt
02-20-2003, 10:53 AM
In my post above it should read 12 INCHES not 12 feet. Sorry about that.