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Brad Hammond
07-09-2003, 3:10 PM
so alabama public tv has started airing american woodshop in the place of roy underhill's woodrights shop. i've never seen this guy before. i went to the website. looks fairly interesting.
anyone got any opinions on the show?


Mark Hulette
07-09-2003, 3:54 PM
I like the show when I get the opportunity to see it. It's different that Norm in that he does more interviews with master craftsmen and sometimes the project takes a back seat. And that's OK, just different. I like seeing the true craftsmen and their shops/techniques.

Seems like a real down to earth kinda guy. I believe he started out in forestry in some way, shape or form. Has opened a new shop in the last couple of years that is almost as big but not as clean as Terry's! :p :D

Just wish it was on during weekends or evenings here- I think it's on Wednesday at 1:00pm.

Bart Leetch
07-09-2003, 6:06 PM
A video recorder doesn't care it will record at what ever time you request it to. You can watch it any time you want to. :D

Jim Becker
07-09-2003, 6:43 PM
Scott Phillips is the "other" guy that Delta sponsors and he's a very, very nice fellow. (I met him at a WOOD Magazine function last year at the IWF show in Atlanta) I'd watch his program, too...but it doesn't show in this area on any PBS station... :(

Robert Waddell
07-09-2003, 9:55 PM
I am able to catch Scott on SC PBS out of Columbia. He comes on right after Norm on Sat. am. His show is different. I probably have learned more from Norm but Scott's variety is better. Sometimes I fall asleep watching Norm cut dados. His interviews with some of the masters of WWing are great. He is a little less of a power tool junkie than Norm, which I find more interesting. Somewhere I read that Scott comes from a long line of woodworkers. All I can say for sure is that I've seen his dad on the show before and he has refered to his grandfather. I believe his show's website is

Mark Hulette
07-10-2003, 8:00 AM
A video recorder doesn't care it will record at what ever time you request it to. You can watch it any time you want to. :D

So true- but a video recorder (at least the one I have) isn't smart enough to stop the Barney (Clifford, Wiggles, insert name) video constantly playing during the day, insert a blank tape and start itself again. :D

Don't have or want to pay for TiVo.

Bart Leetch
07-14-2003, 3:27 PM
Purchase a video recorder along with a TV & put it in your shop & then tape your own wood working shows & watch them.

I manage apartments & found a 19" color TV that needed minor repair set by the dumpster & later I found a perfectly good video player/recorder with manual & remote in the dumpster, sometimes I wonder about people.
I have both of the above in the shop, with the VCR in a cabinet with a round Plexiglas in the door so I can use the remote.

Paul Geer
07-16-2003, 4:21 PM
I have met Scott in South Bend Indiana at a woodworking show at Johnson's Workbench. He's likeable and even though he does product demos, he seems to be interested overall in woodworking. From what I understand, he does a lot of woodworking shows, more than Normy. His TV show I think is very basic. To compare the two shows, NYW and AWS, I would say Norm dose more case work and Scott seem to do more turning and scroll saw work.

He appears on our PBS station WNIT ch34 as well Normy and Roy Underhill.

Although I like Scott Phillips, I think I would rather see Roy Underhill, a little bit of a stand-up comic in the woodshop at times, but still interesting when it comes to the hand tools.

Jim King
06-30-2007, 6:45 PM
I was doing a search in Google and this SMC post came up. My reply is a few years late but I just met Scott and his wife and they are indeed very nice people. Here are a couple of photos of Scott and his wife last week in Louisville.