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Roy Wheaton
12-10-2019, 9:56 PM
Good evening, I am looking for a braille translator. I use AI and run Aspire on my CNC. I don't want to give Enroute $100/mo for a job that happens twice per year at best. What options do I have? Thank you

Keith Outten
12-11-2019, 9:16 AM
How do you intend to produce Braille?
The most popular means of creating braille on an ADA sign are rotary and laser engravers. It can be done on a CNC Router but it is not a very efficient technique. If you only make a few signs per you I expect a CNC router you already own is the best choice though.

Aaron Koehl has a braille script for Corel Draw that works perfectly and it is very fast but if you don't own Corel Draw that's not an option. If you own Corel I expect you can create braille in Corel and copy and paste it into Aspire or at least export/import the file.

Roy Wheaton
12-11-2019, 4:30 PM
Keith, why do you say that CNC is not very efficient in comparison?

In regards to Corel Draw, I will download the free trial and check it out. I am not in love with AI and am willing to change. Can you link me the download for the braille script?

Thank you