View Full Version : FS: Festool Kapex with Tenryu blade $299

Jay Houghton
10-22-2019, 9:22 PM
Of course there's a catch! It's going to need a new armature. If you Google the issue evidently this is a common problem with the older Kapex's. It's a great machine but I'm going to move on from this. I'll include three blades, the original OEM blade, a Tenryu Silencer and the Tenryu 80T blade. I think the blades alone are worth the asking price! I have it boxed up in the original packing so it'll ship safely. Shipping is not included but I think it could be shipped most anywhere for $75.
I'm in the Ann Arbor, MI area and would be willing to drive somewhat to meet you. It's got the usual scrapes and what have you, no accessories are included. Ask any questions you'd like. The estimate I've read is in the $500 range to have Festool repair it but I post it here with the thought that someone might be willing to take on the repair themselves. Jay

Joe Adams
10-23-2019, 8:25 AM
FYI to Seller & Potential Buyers -

I just had mine repaired after the dreaded puff of smoke. I paid shipping to Festool in Lebanon, IN from Houston, Texas ($80) and all they charged me was labor ($80) and return shipping ($20). They covered the parts ($275) because this is a known issue with the Kapex. They use the newly designed parts that have corrected this issue since 2017. Same motor as new model. My saw was eight years old and well out of warranty.

Jay Houghton
10-23-2019, 8:59 AM
Wow...that is good news. I'm in Michigan so shipping won't be too bad. I actually have this boxed and ready to ship back so I may do that and see what happens.
Thanks for that news.

Pete Taran
10-23-2019, 10:02 AM
I've sent a PM on this

Jay Houghton
10-23-2019, 1:15 PM
On hold while I investigate this with Festool. Sorry for the false start.