View Full Version : EZCAD Alternatives & 2.5D Engraving (without dynamic focusing)

Anthony S Martin
04-01-2019, 4:08 PM
Well, my father beat me to it. I've been wanting a fiber laser for quite some time. Someday, Someday. That said, he has purchased a "Generic" 30-watt system put together by a US supplier (Will be upgraded to 50-watt in a month or so). Parts seem standard: Raycus source, BJJCZ board, Sino-Galvo SG7110.

His laser experience has been his Epilog mini 24. Ezcad is currently not "easy" for him. I've only played with it for about an hour and there are enough similarities with RDWorks that I was able to navigate ok during that hour. Every day since he has gotten it, he expresses his frustrations with it. I've been able to use the demo on my computer to help him out with a few problems but the frustration is mounting for him and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. I suggested that he buy me a fiber laser so I could provide him tech support, but that didn't go that well and I will have to save my own pennies.

He also saw some videos on youtube of fiber lasers doing 2.5D engravings from STL files and would love to do some of that. He is an Autodesk wizard. (To me Ezcad should come easier to him ha!) It seems like there is mixed information about it. Some say you have to have units with dynamic focusing, others say you need expensive software.

So two questions:

1. Are there any good alternatives to EZCAD that would work with his controller that he might be less frustrated with? (LMCV4-FIBER-M)

2. Can you do 2.5D engravings with a 30-Watt Fiber Laser without dynamic focus and what software is available to do that from STL files?

John Lifer
04-01-2019, 4:42 PM
As far as alternatives, none that I'm aware of. And No idea on dynamic focus issue. Mine is manual.

The program IS very confusing, go to Tykma laser site and download their manual. And they also have a set of Youtube videos on their site that is good to watch. Their software is a slightly different version of ezCad, but hatches and important things are the same. I'm assuming he's designing elsewhere. Playing with the actual software to design with is as difficult as RDworks. You CAN do some good things with it, but it is difficult. I use Corel for 95% of any design except very simple text.

And as I've said earlier, get some scrap and go to it. Change stuff and try and try....

Anthony S Martin
04-01-2019, 5:08 PM
Those are great videos, I will forward them along to him. He is using Autodesk Inventor. Right now to get a good export, he has to output to DWG 2010 format then send it to me where I read it into illustrator and export it out as DXF. That seems to be the only way it comes in clean.

jestes dupek
04-01-2019, 6:22 PM
In order to do dynamic focusing as you call it, your laser needs to have 3-axis ability. What that means your marking head unit needs to have x,y and z scanners – equipped with 3-axis controllers - a function for controlling the beam spot to match the target shape - 3 separate scanners with controllers on all 3-axis, and appropriate software. Example; Keyence 3-axis lasers and software extension z-map for 3-axis marking and it marks in a range of 42mm - any shape from STL.

John Lifer
04-02-2019, 10:33 AM
Can he export as Autocad 2002 DXF from Autodesk? I use this with Coreldraw. Any newer version of Autocad (at least the conversion from Coreldraw) gives me a mucked up mess and won't work in EzCad.

Others have used other exports, but this is best I can come up with in my system. Also, I export ALL text as Curves. Otherwise, it imports improperly, size and shape.

Kev Williams
04-02-2019, 9:01 PM
I have good luck with Autocad 2007 files, both directions-