View Full Version : What HAPPENED?????

Joe Tonich
07-04-2003, 3:48 PM
When I left the house this morning we were picking up OUTSIDE Shop cats but by the time we returned home I knew I was in trouble. :( Meet the new additions to the family, Jerry & Meowth. They better be good mousers!


Ken Garlock
07-04-2003, 5:33 PM
put those little critters outside in the shop, do you?

I am sure you will have fun watching the kittens play. They can be a lot of entertainment. Watch for the "evening crazies," for some reason cats like to zoom around the house from room to room about mid evening. Our old-timer, 15yrs old, still does it from time to time.

We own, a Russian Blue(15) and an Abyssinian(13).

Jim Becker
07-04-2003, 8:19 PM
I'll warn you now...we were just at a holiday picnic at my friend Russ's place and he has actually been leaving the A/C on in his shop for the shop cat. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable when she went in to dine and nap. You too, could be caught by this "disease"... :D (Seriously, cats are great!)