View Full Version : Gap on Y during pint glass engraving.

Khris Kinner
03-09-2019, 6:51 PM
Finally compelled to post something because I'm beyond frustrated and don't want to waste any more glasses.

45w Muse, never had this issue before. At like 95% through, it pauses the laser, rolls about 3/8 inch, the finishes it. I've rebooted the machine, imported the image again, even remade the image completely to the necessary scale (pints have to be stretched wider for some reason).



Khris Kinner
03-09-2019, 8:01 PM
Some further testing shows it 'cuts' at the 3" mark. No system settings for any sort of restrictions.

Hoping there is an idea to try before resorting to calling their support over what seems to be a bug in the latest RetinaEngrave update.

Kev Williams
03-09-2019, 11:09 PM
I'm clueless, and curious- Are you using Corel? You've remade-'stretched'- the image, how did you stretch it?

I'm also curious if the machine, for whatever reason, thinks the last part of the image is positioned beyond the work area boundaries? How close to the edge of the 'page' is the image positioned? Are all the layout parameters large enough to accommodate the full rotation, and /or do the page size and rotary setting match up? --for example, suppose you have a 3" diameter x pi (9.425") factored as the height of the work area, but the machine's rotary driver is set for 2-3/4" diameter-- depending on where the image is located on the layout it may 'artificially' end up beyond the work area boundaries.... your blank spot looks to be about 1/4" wide? If your image is up against the top or bottom edge of the material boundary, remember that the top and bottom of the page are the same place in the rotation... It's possible the laser may be compensating for what it thinks is more than 360 of rotation. Using my sample sizes, the laser might think it would have to move another 1/4" for the top and bottom zero points to match.

I bring this up because I've had non-matching page size and rotary settings many times! I've never had the gap result you're getting, but I've made more than one circle look like a football ;)