View Full Version : Corel Draw with LightBurn

Terry Wade
03-05-2019, 5:06 PM
Hey guy's I downloaded LightBurn and loaded it, it runs fine. But can I interface it with Corel Draw and use my Corel Draw for my design and go to LightBurn for the laser? If it will tie in how do I do that?



Doug Fisher
03-05-2019, 6:59 PM
Save your Corel work as a .dxf, .svg, .ai or one of the other compatible formats. Import the file into Lightburn.

Trevor HinzeNE
03-07-2019, 9:21 AM
It has already been stated, but to reinforce just export from corel....I use primarily DXF, and import into LightBurn. It will recognize the different colors and set up a layer for each and then you can apply whatever power and speed strategy you can to each "Layer" It also works great to bring over drawings directly from autocad if you ever have occasion to do that. One thing I have found to be quite helpful is the the ability to simply uncheck a layer and turn it off. Really nice to for example have a layer that represents the perimeter of a part. Engrave it once, onto some sacrificial substrate below, then turn it off and you have yourself a perfect alignment mark for your finished item which is now ready to engrave simply by turning those layers on. LightBurn is truly exceptional!