View Full Version : Should I stain and varnish before cutting craft wood?

Trent Sprenkle
02-28-2019, 10:11 AM
Wanted to make some small ornate wood boxes for wedding photography flash drives. Should I finish the wood before I cut the piece or after then touch up where needed? I think I could get a better application of stain and varnish on an uncut flat piece of wood instead of trying to do it after its assembled or just before assembly. But, maybe I'm wrong. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys!


Mike Null
02-28-2019, 10:49 AM
In most cases I prefer to work with finished wood. If sanding, staining, and varnishing can be accomplished without difficulty after engraving then it really doesn't matter.

Joe Pelonio
02-28-2019, 5:22 PM
Apply transfer tape to the finished wood before cutting to minimize the need to do touch up on the finish.