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John Rotert
02-22-2019, 8:14 PM
My routine for utilizing PowerClip: I will PowerClip several curves (which represent hatches for pens in my laser software) and export the result into an AI file. I will then open the AI file with CorelDraw and now I have the individual curves, trimmed to size. Next, I will then export each clipped curve to an AI file and import them to the laser software. On a complex project (seven very complex curves), one or more curve will not clip at all. The first attachment is before clipping. Second attachment shows the AI file (clipped) after opening it in CorelDraw. Notice how the dark blue objects are not clipped? It's never the same curve affected either. I can select four curves, PowerClip them and one or more will never be clipped. I have spent hours on this design making sure all curves are closed. Non-closed curves cause another issue for PowerClip!

Any suggestions?

404195 404196

Also, any suggestions for searching for one and two node curves in the whole CDR file? I have used the Search and Replace tool many times, but cannot find how to search for one and two node curves.

Mike Null
02-24-2019, 1:06 PM
Try using object manager to find the curves. It's under the tools drop-down.

Have you tried exporting as a PDF?

John Rotert
02-25-2019, 5:42 PM
Tried exporting that offending curve to a PDF, but no luck.

I ended up breaking that curve apart (un-combine) into it's individual curves (660 of them), then grouping them so I could work with them. The Power Clip worked then. Kinda frustrating though!