View Full Version : Portable saw ogee foot jig/fixture

Ron Citerone
01-06-2019, 11:48 AM

I felt this was post worthy because it was suggested to me by a young man with great ideas about jigs. I never saw this idea in magazines or on the internet.

1) Cut a piece of baltic plywood the size of the saw table.

2) Clamp it securely to the table.

3) Slowly raise the blade through the plywood to the depth of the ogee on your template. 1/2" in this case.

4) Using the template as a guide, adjust the template by eye so that it lines up with the profile. Nail down the guide boards temporarily.

5) Lower the blade and cut a test piece in 1/16" increments.

6) Adjust if needed and then glue and screw the guide boards in place.

The nice thing here is you can use save and use the jig over and over if you like the results. Better than a one time clamp onto the saw approach IMO.

My 2 cents.