View Full Version : PARF Guide, TS5, L32 and shop jig - ideas for bench dogs and other tools

laura vianello
01-04-2019, 11:16 AM
Hello, I am interested to see what others have done. I bought a PARF Guide for my 20 mm MFT top (2x4'). I have several bench dogs: Veritas, TSO and some special made by TSO for me, plus the orange clips to hold my L32 guide. I have been building a couple of jigs using bench dogs, rail, drill guide etc and I would be curious to see what else can be done with them. I spent about $350 and I would love to use them for more than what they are for. Peter Parfitt in one of his videos has a couple of interesting ideas but I have not found anything else. I have a TS55 + L32 rail and I used them for anything: from drawer dados to simple rip cuts. I used the dogs to hold the guide and for any assembly work. I bought the L32 because I thought that the 32 holes were great to have but I have no intention to buy a festool router. I have an old Ryobi (quality at that time was MUCH better) which I have never used. I would love to be able to use the rail with its holes for other jigs/applications. The holes, tough ...are not really round and that limit my "recycling" power/imagination.
Please share your inventions!