View Full Version : ULS VersaLaser Photo Settings

Michael Kenny
12-31-2018, 1:32 PM
Hi & Happy New Year's!

I have a Universal Laser and I'm trying to refine my ability to produce photos for customers. I've been working on figuring out my dot size to set the appropriate DPI and believe that I'm close in using 200 DPI. I'll be refining my focal point and getting a magnifying glass to ensure. My question is in reference to the ULS Print Driver Settings.

I'm confused on how to replicate the edited pictures (either directly in CorelDraw or with Photograv) through to the laser without altering the settings. Or maybe I should be? Grayscale vs. Black and White?

Within the ULS Print Driver there are options on the Raster Tab for Image Density; Image Enhancement & Dithering. I'm under the impression that I should be setting these up so that my dots are adjacent to each other but not overlapping. What should I be setting these to?

The Dithering option has halftone, error diffusion and black & white. I've read what these effects have on an image but don't understand how to process through once the image has been modified..

I was going to play with each setting to see what the effect would be but I was hoping that maybe someone here has already undertaken this task. If so, it would help save me in wasted material costs and certainly save me time.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!