View Full Version : My 2″ x 72" belt grinder build

don wilwol
12-18-2018, 8:13 AM
Here is MY 2″ X 72" BELT GRINDER BUILD. (http://www.timetestedtools.net/2018/12/15/my-2-x-72-belt-grinder-build/)

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Mmt2v4KNceEoq2UtVKYymME5agNIM7sOhQihN8Bw4ngLXSxhFb 6A4ytTvW-BOoP4LZWoeTZHP20k95fDTcwhldu0QVBmAJfel0DNnZ9NG3yCn DjKeJoyk8sSUBnjshVPW5Fg3Oair4fgMMGwrWo7WAwF2iHvgye B7tERTX02JOGf9-a2Uy5_ZDASnklvpAI2kp92Zyeqsvu8Rp4BaLydGKlRW0RfZ0CV c3G6xCIcrup02YwApdkpes_Jp_YX4kaqcxy_ivmmWOAINcZWIp PaW75RpYZS7O-IhcFKK1A8J8eEFnRcYFO5q1NUL4zJLv7mZKFLMJ3IGUDdkCLFD tjG1rICD0IjBrj6lkJgofnh4GR8rEupPzlRMFlbZvolwsUhI_D cuCc54kb5Fu1TBgL9yiUEoAAjMs_1mOMnL-F_lfHpSeyvUxyTv1jOzm9bS5dt3xL_a2FHZzVIX_rCX08HLUgW 2XDNb4IzVL7sTHvMemV5oF6xRApzou6TzPITmFN2gNPT7vWRhf BrrFwe0fJo93TGzCicSAZPYm6P-cOxViMUF0Ps5BwaTsbkeWg5JbhqFwkDEGRIT5j3yvhvB0lP2xt Ix_LMZ8Nv44K2sRHH9NZ_xuqjD4VFnI2Gh2zGE4FqR8bUcgR7a jV0dVNFiUQOrM64=w1526-h858-no

Malcolm Schweizer
12-18-2018, 10:22 AM
I really need one of these. I sharpen knives as kind of a hobby income, i.e. it's a hobby that produces some income to support my hobby. :-) It's high on the list of tools I'm going to buy next time I have a little disposable income. It's not just knives- I think it would be a very versatile machine in the shop.

You did a very nice job with your build. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Christensen
12-19-2018, 11:32 AM
Another tool to make at some future date.

I stumbled across a Facebook group about them that you likely know about. There are various sources, designs and motors discussed. But it has the usual Facebook annoyances. :rolleyes: