View Full Version : Full Spectrum Laser 5th Gen - No Support / No Fix / No Answer

Joshua McCormick
12-15-2018, 2:04 AM
I know this has been discussed a few times (and I ignored the advice myself) - on more than one occasion and web location, but wanted to share for others who may still be considering Full Rectum Laser products.

I purchased a new FSL 5th gen machine in 2012, and it worked ok for a while (with low usage) as an intro machine, but mine is no longer functioning at all. (definitely due to the circuit / control board). I have not found much info aside from a post saying it's $2500 to 'upgrade' my circuit board. vs $3500 for a new machine. USB connectivity is garbage vs ethernet, this was made clear to me by FSL in 2012 when I bought the machine. The new CB is ONLY usb...

And (as an employee at many laser shops) I have worked with 6+ different laser mfg companies who have confirmed ethernet is largely preferable to usb - (particularly on a 64 bit system). Clearly this 'upgrade' is trash.

I will be buying from a 'major brand' to replace my FSL laser - and trying to get an arduino for FSL replacement firmware driver. FSL is NOT legit. Years ago I filed a BBB complaint for deceptive practices to get money back on a tube 'upgrade'. Last week I spent my lunch break on hold (over an hour) just trying to get a price on CB replacement - yet can not get thru to speak with anyone.

I have recently sent multiple emails with very explicit info on what my issue is to their tech support, they responded back with an alignment guide. wtf?! I replied back and made it very clear there is no output when running a job, yet the PSU and laser are working correctly - LOFF no initiation signal yet Test fire works.

No response from FSL tech for over a week now... they know the failure is the control board and they can't fix - but wont even reply. There is clearly no understanding of what is going on there, or basic respect for the customer.

Sure things break but if you arent willing to try to fix it then whats the point?! Why would I support a company that isn't interested in trying to keep me as a customer or even willing to respond to emails and be honest. I currently work for a 'major brand' laser company. I did not have the money to invest five years ago, but would rather spend 10x more on a product that WORKS from an honest company, that wants to help me as a customer. Even an old used machine is a better investment than a new piece of trash.

DO NOT buy FSL unless you are fully confident you can repair and replace every part on the machine. I'd rather buy a K40 than spend another $ with FSL. :(

Jerome Stanek
12-15-2018, 6:32 AM
You could look into a Ruida controller

Bill George
12-15-2018, 7:35 AM
So the machine is 6 years old and you have filed a complaint with the BBB against them. Do you really expect that they will respond to your help request? Its a Chinese machine what Jerome posted seems like good advice.

Bob Davis - Sturgis SD
12-15-2018, 8:57 AM
A few years ago I bought a large bullhorn, biggest one I could find. We use it a few times per year. After a few years the microphone started cutting out. I contacted the company:

Q. Can I order a replacement microphone for this bullhorn?
A. No, sorry, we donít offer those.

Q. Would you have a wiring diagram for this unit?
A. No, we donít have that.

Q. So, my only option is to purchase a new bullhorn?
A. Thatís what most people would do.

Seems like youíre in the same boat as me with my bullhorn.

Lee DeRaud
12-15-2018, 2:36 PM
Since Rockler is now selling FSL machines, you might try contacting them and see if they can put you in touch with someone (US distributor?) that can at least give you some worthwhile info.

Scott Shepherd
12-16-2018, 11:57 AM
I'm not sure what you are upset about. YOU said that you read bad things about them and YOU ignored the advice of others and bought it. The machine is 6 years old. It doesn't owe you anything. 6 years of trouble free operations out of a Chinese laser is more than adequate.

Bert McMahan
12-17-2018, 1:23 AM
A few things- I have no relationship with FSL other than using their stuff for a while and being active on the FSL board to help people with issues. First and foremost, I won't defend FSL's support team's behavior. It's not acceptable that they won't get back to you. I can say I've talked to a bunch of people that get through to them, though they aren't famous for being quick. I do wonder if you caught them on their own lunch break? That said, a few points:

Since Rockler is now selling FSL machines, you might try contacting them and see if they can put you in touch with someone (US distributor?) that can at least give you some worthwhile info.

FSL *is* the US distributor. It's a US company that makes a replacement control board and software for a few "larger" Chinese lasers. They have their own design of a few hobby-grade lasers, but they're made to compete with other Chinese lasers. They are of course made in China, but they're not one of the typical GWeike style models, they're custom machines. I think they have 2 such machines right now. FSL isn't after the same target market as, say, Epilog.

Second, regarding the BBB- you might as well complain to Yelp, the BBB has no more authority to do something about a complaint than the Yellow Pages. They're a private review company. They can "suggest" companies do things, but it's not a consumer protection agency. Some companies really care about their BBB review, but many do not, and BBB is infamous for allowing people to pay their way out of negative reviews.

Third, where did you see the "upgrade" control board is $2500, and that it's USB only? Their newest models are all WiFi. They never made a 5th gen controller that was USB only. The 4th gen laser from YEARS ago (the rebranded K40) was USB only, but it's not even a similar laser. Wherever you read that, you've been misinformed. They may be charging $2500 for a replacement board (I doubt it) but if they do, it's not USB only.

Last, what troubleshooting steps have you tried? There are a LOT of people online happy to help you troubleshoot. If you're seeing Loff but the test fire works, you could be seeing issues with your water flow sensor or your lid sensor, or your software could be unactivated.

Try grounding your safety circuit on the power supply and seeing if that works. If your system is 6 years old I'm guessing you don't have a water flow sensor; they started doing that a little more recently than 6 years (maybe 4 years ago? You may have one, I'm not sure.) Usually the models with flow sensors have an indication on the control panel of whether or not water is flowing.

Have you recently moved computers or reinstalled the software? If so that might be your issue.