View Full Version : DIY In-Line Laser Filter?

Weston Porter
11-27-2018, 10:15 PM
Just moved my Speedy 100 to a new location, still venting outside but it's unfortunately on a wall shared by a parking lot. I'd like to build a "little something" to help mitigate the smell and particulates. I have a 1.5HP blower, 850 CFM. I was thinking about just building a small box, maybe 8x8x8" inches with a 4" nozzle on either side, filling the interior with activated carbon and a couple little filters. Might just make a bunch of them, glue them shut and toss them after a while.

Does anyone have any advice on what sort of filter to buy or see any issues with my plan? I searched and saw a bunch of DIY systems, often big things for filtering in-doors. Nothing minimal and in-line though.