View Full Version : Infeed Table for DeWalt 7491RS Portable Saw

Dick Mahany
09-01-2018, 4:57 PM
I wanted to be able to have more room in front of the blade on my portable saw for things such as a crosscut sled and an aftermarket miter gauge. This simple 10" infeed table has proven useful for that. It simply slides in from the left and bears against the aluminum extrusion with the rip scale on it and also rests against the front vertical frame tube. I may add a retainer to the rear to lock it in place however it is very solid seems quite adequate as is. A down side is that it does restrict movement of the rip fence to the left but that isn't of concern for me when using a miter gauge or sled. Since it doesn't need tools for installation, removal is easy if I do need to use the rip fence.


The power controls are still easily accessible beneath the table

A few layers of iron-on edge banding made quick work of spacing the table to the correct height. The parts were assembled in place on the saw using thick CA glue and accelerator as a temporary measure. Then the assembly was taken to the workbench and reinforced with screws.

The table extends 10" in front of the table and is 8.75" wide and flush with the left side of the saw table. One can see how much support there now is in front of the blade for the sled.

Rip fence travel does get restricted when in place.

This was a first attempt and built from various scraps around the shop, and as such, the parts look pretty rough. I figured that I'd go back and build a more refined version, but this is working so well that I don't see that happening any time soon :)