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Perry Hilbert Jr
07-21-2018, 12:44 PM
I went to a liquidation of a machine shop today and bought a lot of grinding wheels. About 500 lbs of new grinding wheels. About half are 8 inch wheels. Mostly pink, some gray. Mostly one inch thick and some 2.75 inches thick. All of the 8 inch wheels have 7/8 arbor holes. Then there are about 100 lbs of small 3 and 4 inch wheels. Not sure how to tell what grit they are or why the color difference. Help. A primer of grinding wheels please?

Almost al of the wheels are from Norton, if that makes a difference.

Jerry Bruette
07-21-2018, 5:17 PM
Should be a label on the side of the wheels with a code telling what they are made from, grain size,hardness of the wheel,structure,and bond type, type of wheel (cupped) etc., and RPM rating.

EX. C60I8V would be: Silicon carbide, 60 grit, medium bond, medium density, vitrified bond.

The bond grade or hardness of the wheel is rated A thru Z, A being soft and Z being hard. This rating tells you how easily the grit breaks off and renews the cutting edges. Soft wheels wear down faster than hard, but can run cooler.

The structure is rated 1 thru 15, 1 being dense and 15 being open. It's how much space is between the grains, generally a open wheel will have greater material removal but a denser wheel will give a finer finish.

The bond type is just what's used to bond the grains together.


Don't want to see a thread about how a blown wheel narrowly missed you.