View Full Version : magnet [dust?] removal

John Neel
07-12-2018, 12:07 PM
I bought a pack of ceramic magnets to use in making a jig. The packaging warned that magnets are fragile and can chip or break. That's clearly correct since the were small chips from the magnets in the package. In addition to those chips there is some of what I can only term magnet dust. It's fine dust that is held by the magnet. I have always removed the small chips and filings from magnets by wiping them off with a cloth. I can get much of the dust off the same way, but it doesn't work well and there always seem to be a little remaining on the magnet. Does anyone have a better method to remove this dust?

Lee Schierer
07-12-2018, 12:20 PM
Put a rare earth magnet in a plastic bag and use the more powerful magnet to pull the dust off. Then simply peel off the plastic bag and the dust should go with it.

Frank Pratt
07-12-2018, 2:30 PM
Just about any kind of adhesive tape will get it off.

John Neel
07-12-2018, 3:45 PM
Both worked. Thank you.