View Full Version : Happy Canada Day!

Aaron Rosenthal
07-01-2018, 9:09 PM
July 1 - Canada Day. We used to be part of the Dominion, now, the Commonwealth of Nations.
A proud member of the Trans Pacific Partnership.
A co-member of the longest undefended border in the world.
2 official, who-knows-how-many local languages - English, French; then there's Mandarin (in British Columbia) and Newfie on the East Coast.
Shared love of BBQ and beer.
Inventor of Poutine, basketball, the telephone, Imax, Pablum (still have all your teeth?), electric wheelchair, instant replay, and the ubiquitous Jock Strap (one cup does NOT fit all!).
Lots more to crow about.
I look forward the the 4th of July posts, but in the meanwhile, Happy Canada Day.

Dave Zellers
07-01-2018, 9:11 PM

Go Beer!

Frederick Skelly
07-01-2018, 9:30 PM
Happy Canada Day folks!

Ken Fitzgerald
07-01-2018, 9:42 PM
Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!

Rod Sheridan
07-02-2018, 12:04 PM
Thank you very much, and a happy July 4 to those of you south of us.

It's so hot I'm hiding in the house and shop. 32C, humidex of 42C Way hotter than I like.................Rod.