View Full Version : Steel stud framing--fascia attachment?

roger wiegand
06-28-2018, 9:25 AM
I'm building my first steel framed structure, a small "doghouse" to shelter my new pizza oven. Because of clearance requirements (and perhaps out of obstinacy) I'm trying to make it out of all non-combustible materials. I've climbed the learning curve for a variety of problems with framing with steel, but am a little stumped about how to attach a fascia board to the steel rafter tails. I suppose I could bend some tabs and screw them in place to give me a perpendicular surface to screw into, but I was wondering if there wasn't some more elegant solution that everyone else already knows about. The lumberyard where I'm buying the structural steel studs seems remarkably uninformed when it comes to joining them--they are typically most helpful

Wayne Lomman
06-30-2018, 7:58 AM
Steel buildings with overhanging eaves need end plates on the rafters to bolt the fascia onto. If it's RHS tube, weld them on. If it is roll formed c section, either the system you are using will have a bracket or you need to devise your own.

If you don't have eaves, sheet the walls and fit the gutter brackets to the top of the sheeting. No fascia required. Make sure you screw the wall sheet both sides of each bracket. Cheers