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Bobby Hatfield
06-29-2003, 3:07 PM
When I got the new computer with XP It didn't have my much used program, Word 97 on it, where I saved all my "stuff". What gives ? Can I get it for XP ? Is there something better, I only used it for storing stuff in my Documents. My youngest gave me a copy of Office 2000 that I can't open (something to do with key code) does it have Word 97 on it ?

Jim DeLaney
06-29-2003, 3:19 PM
Office 2000 has Word 2000, an 'upgraded' version of Word 97 that's totally compatible with it. For the "key code," your son probably has it if his is a purchased copy. It's an installation code that's required to verify you have an 'official' and not a bootleg copy.

You may already have Microsoft "Works" installed on your XP machine. If so, the word processor part of it is sort of a weakened version of Word that will open you old 97 files - but won't show any of the fancier features like tables or columns...etc.

See if your son has the installation code for Office 2000. It's probably on the back of the CD case that the original disk came in. As long as you have that, you can install it on your computer - just don't 'register' it with Microsoft, since your son has (probably) already done that.