View Full Version : Pete's Barber Shop is open

lowell holmes
06-12-2018, 3:26 PM
Well, it's open, but Pete and Larry aren't there.
Dickinson, Galveston County, Texas has Pete's Barber Shop. Now Pete, Vincent, and Larry are not there. They were before Hurricane Harvey,
but not now. SWMBO was on a Grandma mission with a Granddaughter and she called me telling Pete's is open. Being of
shaggy hairy appearance, I jumped in the F150 and ran over there. I walked in and Pete, Larry, and Vincent was not to be seen.

There was a nice lady barber and I ask her if she could do a sissor cut and she said yes. She did a decent job and I paid her and left. I will
probably go back, but it's just not the same without Pete, Larry, and Vincent. I will miss not being able to fix the country's ills. The three of them
were wise and knew how to deal with ornery horses, wives and such ("yes dear works" with the wife).

I will go back, because there are only two barber shops in town and the other is up on the Freeway. Pete's is on a shady spot on the bank
of Dickinson Bayou. Being able to park the F150 on the banks of the bayou is important.
I am sort of serious with the gist of this post.