View Full Version : Persimmon tree down

John K Jordan
06-01-2018, 9:18 AM
Went out early this morning to discover a persimmon tree inside the fenced chicken yard had come down during the night. Wiped out the corner of that fence, fell nicely across the driveway, then into the fenced garden. It's not surprising with all the rain this week - another tree dropped yesterday afternoon.

Fortunately it fell across the fence in the 2' space between my garden gate and a big weatherproof box we use for small garden tools and such. Couldn't have dropped it in a better spot if I'd tried. But I think it might have mashed a tomato plant and squished a strawberry or two. :)

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So it was sharpen the chain saw this morning and mix some fresh gas/oil. When the rain stops I'll cut it up and clear the driveway - we are fortunate to have multiple ways to get from the house to the road.

And yipee, I'm getting a little low on persimmon wood for woodturning and was thinking about taking a tree down at some point. Now I don't have to!


Jim Becker
06-01-2018, 5:38 PM
Always sad to lose a nice tree, but for most folks who hang out here at SMC, it at lease presents a nice "consolation prize" when we turn it into something else. :)