View Full Version : A new type of clothing hazard

Stephen Tashiro
05-12-2018, 3:20 AM
Saw this link on a physics forum: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/people-wearing-yoga-pants-are-getting-burned-during-mris-2018-05-09

Burn hazard of getting an MRI while wearing certain types of sports clothing.

Bruce Wrenn
05-13-2018, 9:44 PM
They always make me put on one of those cute gowns that open in the back.

Dave Richards
05-13-2018, 9:51 PM
Where I worked you couldn't even get to the doors of the ante rooms of the MRI suites without going through a scanner and before going into the magnet room there is another scanner.

Ken Fitzgerald
05-13-2018, 10:40 PM
Metal wires in clothing could potentially cause burns.

I troubleshot artifacts rending MRI images unusable caused by things like metal belt buckles, and zippers. It's known that things like metallic eye shadow worn as makeup, and diet drinks like Ultra Slimfast can be high in iron and other metals, which can lead to subtle artifacts making ages artifact laden.

Don Orr
05-14-2018, 2:58 PM
We make everyone change that comes to us for an MRI scan. Many people, mostly women, come in yoga type pants thinking there is no metal. We also have them remove sports bras as they can be made of similar materials. This is not a joke. If you are asked to change into the silly gowns, just accept the minor inconvenience. We at least give our patients cloth pants to keep them covered.

Myk Rian
05-14-2018, 9:35 PM
For my last MRI there was a whole team there watching me. They were focused on if my pacemaker/defib unit would go wonky.

Don Orr
05-16-2018, 11:35 AM
Myk, In general pacemakers are a huge contraindication for an MRI, but there are some newer models that are safer but definitely require close monitoring during the scan.