View Full Version : Glorious Spring

Chase Mueller
05-08-2018, 9:39 AM
Folks, if you've never been to North Georgia in the springtime, you truly are missing out. You can watch the deer tromp around the woods, the bass jumping after the mayflies, even the skinks scurrying about under the cover of foliage. It's a genuine beauty to witness. Especially when that nice cool breeze carries through the air. You see it before you feel it. And by seeing it, I, of course, mean the dreaded pollen. You can literally see the pollen falling from the skies here. Every tiny little gust of wind that blows through stirs up an unimaginable amount of pollen, so much so, you can watch it accumulate right before your very own eyeballs! Never liked that black paint job on your car? Worry not, for the pollen is here to give you a wonderful dirty yellow tint to anything that is not already yellow! It's like a dense yellow fog at times. When it rains, the streams and lakes turn scummy yellow on the edges. You can see yellow watermarks on all the roads from where the water evaporated. I almost feel bad for all those poor male trees trying to impress the lady trees with how much pollen they can dump on us bystanders. Almost.

In all seriousness, we had like 4 consecutive days of record-setting pollen counts, and it's only speculated to get worse. I just finished recovering from bronchitis and my doctor said he believes it was caused by all the pollen. Guess that's the downside of living in the woods. :rolleyes: