View Full Version : help w/ flea market find

Walt Quadrato
06-28-2003, 1:34 PM
Rummaging around today at one local market I picked up 2 stanley transitionals in pretty good shape. a #28 in fully operational shape dated 1912. A little rusty but then aren't we all. The other appears to be a #24 but I'm having trouble pinning down the age. It's 8" long like the 24 but the frog and cap don't match anything I've seen. There's no markings anywhere but the blade "Stanley) no date.Liberty Bell 76 on the frog. the frog is a screw type-not lever..and the blade is indeed set in upside down on purpose. No lateral adjustment but there is a finger hole lever adjustment under the blade. I think the blade has been changed because the lever adjuster seems to want to engege with ribs on the blade which are non-existant. Anyone have any idea on this? Haven't sharpened anything yet but it always amazes me that with a little futzing around these old suckers still seem to be able to make some shavings. Both of these cut right "off of the ground" with a little tuning who knows how good it'll get. By the way...is it a gloat if I got the pair for $50?