View Full Version : I cleaned my top drawer on the chest of drawers

lowell holmes
05-02-2018, 6:44 PM
And in it were:

3 tape measures
4 volt ohm meters
9 knives
3 nail clippers
3 flash lights
2 hand bearing compasses
3 harmonicas
7 reading glasses

and three folding rules on my computer desk.

Am I the only one that does this? :confused:

And OBTW if you have never tried Palomino BLACKWING pencils, I have a box of them and I love them. They are very black and soft lead.

Ken Fitzgerald
05-02-2018, 6:57 PM
Nope! "My drawer" is in the dining room buffet I built years ago. Recently I needed to make some room and had a similar experience. My drawer even had an official "Tyler Howell thongs" sent to me years ago. I moved those to the wall of shame in my shop along with other items sent to me by Creekers over the years.

John K Jordan
05-02-2018, 7:15 PM
[GASP] Do you mean you have just one drawer like that??


Bruce Volden
05-03-2018, 9:27 AM
Well I guess I'm in the minority here.
Not to sound condescending to you due to my great financial wealth, but I have 3 (three) junk drawers!:D :D


Dave Anderson NH
05-03-2018, 1:06 PM
I'm not going to play one upsmanship with you folks. Suffice to say we won't talk about the 2nd floor of the garage.

Rick Potter
05-04-2018, 1:45 PM
Can't say that I have it, but I really NEED a junk warehouse.

Wait! Make that two. Can't leave out the wife, who is a thrift store junkie.

Stan Calow
05-04-2018, 8:44 PM
I think those tape measures must be mine. I wondered where they went.

Tom M King
05-04-2018, 9:59 PM
What keys were the harmonicas?

Tom M King
05-04-2018, 10:15 PM
I didn't clean mine out, but I went, and looked. Among the things in there are a Honeywell electronic flash from the 1960's (I did check that there were no batteries still in it), and some neckerchief slides that I carved when I was in Cub Scouts (probably from 1959).

Mark Blatter
05-06-2018, 7:52 AM
After reading that this thread, I suddenly feel much better. I can, perhaps, convince my wife that this is normal behavior and not a cry for help. I know for a fact in one drawer I have a three pack of roll film that expired in the late 90's. Also about 8 pairs of glasses from various family members. I have kept them to use for spare parts in case a current pair breaks or loses something. In my defence, I have used parts and pieces in the past, mostly the small screws. However I am sure the most recent time was around 18 years ago.

The one time I cleaned out a drawer, and threw stuff away, ended with frustration. One of the items I tossed was a new flip phone. OK, not new, just unused. Less than a week later, my wife's phone died and I could have given her that flip phone to use.

lowell holmes
05-06-2018, 6:19 PM
We won't talk about my workbench in my garage woodshop.
I had a workbench with tool drawers, but the Harvey flood did it in.

I am building a new bench now that my tools have had the rust removed. I have my "stuff" in plastic bins until I finish the bench.
I'm looking forward to it.
One of the harmonica's is a chromatic, the other a Boy Scout Harmonica.