View Full Version : Quick-n-Easy Saw Vise

glenn bradley
04-05-2018, 11:43 AM
I couldn't decide if this went here or in Neander-land. My previous temporary saw vise taught me a thing or two. I don't sharpen saws often enough to get or make anything too involved for this task. I glued up a couple of 3/4" plywood scraps and cut out a pair of 4-1/2" x 12" blanks. These are for dovetail saws; I don't have anything larger.


I use the router table to cut clearance grooves and the tablesaw to cut clearance bevels for the file, the set and my hands. The floating tenons are waxed so they don't stick and just keep the halves more manageable when setting it in the bench vise.

383190 . 383193

Worked well enough on my Veritas 14 tpi. Cuts like new again.


The point is, you don't have to wait around for the exact right setup to give your saws a tune up. Just like sharpening anything, once done, you wonder why you waited.

I added these outriggers this morning. Now I can loosen the vise and reposition the saw without having to hang on to the whole thing.


Again, this could be accomplished with a cleat or a spline on each jaw.

Ted Reischl
04-05-2018, 3:48 PM
Thanks Glen! Now that you have the vise, I am going to be sending all my saws over to you so that you can give it a really good test. I won't even charge you!