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Hugh Turner
03-12-2018, 6:54 AM
First post. I am reseasrching mills. Something that will saw SYP, soft maple, oak and hickory 16 ft long . For the stuff for the house about 1600 bf of oak various witdth from 3 inches to 10 inches ,4/4 thick . About 400 bf of hickory or soft maple 4 or 6 wide 4/4. About 4000 bf of 6x 4/4 and another 100 bf of 8/4 4. That is just the initial cuts. I have time to do it we have not even started construction. I also plan on building the Virginia Tech typle solar kiln.

I have sawyer that is very reasonable (.25/bf pine or .31/bf hardwood) that with me providing 1 person labor(me) that at his place at my place there is an 80.00 trip charge. Kiln drying is another .30/bf at another location. To get the logs to the mill is an hour pull each way plus another hour to the kiln.

I have a certain price point to stay under or close to. Yes I researched the Timber Kings, the Woodmizer Lt 10 and 15, the Norwoods, the Woodlands, Ez boardwalk jr, the misters, the Timberly, the Linn and the Hudsons . Even researched the Petersen. So this is not another thread on best sawmill to buy. I am looking at the small mills will not be sawing commercial.

The mills around the 2 k mark I think will be way under powered. Accept for the Hudson I think they are all Chinesse made.

I have read every review I have found . Most people like the brand mill they have.

The two I think will work for me are both fairly new.
OS27 (https://www.frontiersawmills.com/us/os27-sawmill)

The Frontier OS 29 which is a Norwood designed and uses Norwood parts but built in China.
Woodmax (http://www.woodmaxx.com/SM_26_Portable_Saw_Mill_p/sm-26.htm)
The Woodmax SM 26 is assembled in USA with a mix of parts

Time I add autolube and track extentions and shipping on the Frontier both mills are about same price. Wood max give a 5% military discount I know Norwoods does also not sure 8f it applies to the frontier.

Here is the big question has anyone bought either mill? I would like to know good or bad from ACTUAL owners.
I know they are both slow but so am I

david privett
03-12-2018, 6:16 PM
I have a lumberjack sawmill it is made in I think ranger ga. I think it is a lot of mill for the buck .

Jim Andrew
04-18-2018, 7:51 PM
You might look for a used mill, a neighbor of mine bought a Timberking 1600 very reasonably. I bought a Cook's MP 32 used, but not very used, saved 2 thousand. Both mills are very tough, well built. The TK has hydraulics, which is very nice, and can saw 36", where my Cooks is manual, and only will saw a 32" Dia log. I use my chainsaw to cut logs off a little to get them through between the posts.