View Full Version : Looking for a DVR for my RV

Ole Anderson
03-04-2018, 9:28 AM
I spend 3 months in FL, November and then March-April. We want to be able to record multiple, recurring TV programs, but don't want to rent/return a DVR from Spectrum twice a year. The park we stay in has the cable channels we need. Tivo comes to mind, but they start at $200 and have a monthly subscription. Any other suggestions that don't involve my computer? Anyone using the incredibly inexpensive iView?

Jim Becker
03-04-2018, 10:24 AM
Some Tivo units do not come with a monthly subscription...you buy with "lifetime" service. The issue you may have is the need for a CableCard from the provider at the location to be able to actually view and record material from their cable system, so you may not be able to avoid some form of rental while on-site. Other than "locals", most cable channels are encrypted and either an STB or a CableCard is required to decrypt them.

Art Mann
03-04-2018, 11:16 AM
I would like to buy a machine that just works like an old style VCR. It needs to have at least one tuner and the intelligence to record OTA programs as 1080P or better according to the time and date. It would need to have HDMI out and some sort of on screen user interface. I am not interested in recording cable TV shows but HDMI input would be nice too. Analog input for recording old Hi-8 tapes would be a bonus.

Pardon me Ole. I hope this isn't too far away from the original post.

Ole Anderson
03-21-2018, 9:23 AM
Update: Spectrum got me a DVR for an extra $12/mo. I can keep it in the rig at no charge when I am on seasonal hold, which is 9 out of 12 months per year.

Bill Dufour
03-21-2018, 7:21 PM
We have a toshiba DVR but it is not hd. Any good company should sell a dvr. Adding the burner is what costs. Also most shows/movies are protected and can be recorded but not burned onto a DVD.
Just search Ebay for DVR -tivo HD.

Like most DVR's Toshiba uses a standard hard drive and it can be swapped out for a bigger one. Older machines may not be able to see the increased hard drive space.

Bill D.

Matt Meiser
03-23-2018, 10:08 AM
Original problem is solved but I think the only Tivo that doesn't require a monthly subscription is the Roamio OTA which only gets over-the-air channels. All others its $15/mo, $150/yr or $550/lifetime of the device. Its a lot more expensive option, but it is a great DVR.