View Full Version : OT: Ebay search blocking "will not ship"

Bill Dufour
02-21-2018, 8:16 PM
Off Topic? from time to time I want to buy a large, heavy item from ebay. Right now I am looking for 3hp motor. I am willing to pay reasonable shipping from accross the country
But I do not want to buy an item 500 miles away that they will not ship. I understand why many people will not ship a heavy item.
But, how do I block the 75% of sellers who do not ship these items but still allow myself to see items cross country as long as they are willing to ship. I have to first search by items close enough to go pick up then I have to look at everyone who will or will not ship sorting by price.
This is getting lame If I am checking 1,200 items and over 800 will not ship.

Myk Rian
02-21-2018, 9:52 PM
What motor are you looking for? Might be other ways to find one.

Marc Jeske
02-22-2018, 5:30 AM
As far as the Ebay filtering, I have never gotten good at it at deeper levels..but,

Many folks WILL ship if YOU arrange it.

Course, I first would buy only from a reputed party.. high positive feedback + your discerning gut feeling.

They may have to pack it... actually, I got creative awhile back.. wanted a certain power miterbox.. found on CL 2k miles away.. arranged w a local lumberyard to pack and UPS to me.. all seller had to do was drop it off local to them after I paid them Paypal.

Also, on Ebay a few months ago I bought a Rockwell/ Delta 12-14 saw.. originally the ad said "No shipping".. but I asked the buyer if I can arrange.. he agreed.. and a few weeks later I had the saw delivered door to door by a UShip contractor.

Lotsa possibilities.

I've also done this kinda thing - Find what you need in a preferably higher populated area.. Buy it, pay for it, having pre arranged w seller you need a week or so to pickup.

Then post on this forum asking for like "Cincinnati helper needed !!" and you will have a Fellow Creeker jump in, go pickup if local to them, then once in the hand of the Brotherhood, you guys can figure out the shipping and his preferred brand of Beverage.

They do that a fair amount on OWWM and some other forums.

I did just the above on 3 separate occasions in last year.


Ya gotta trust folks, but of course not blindly.

Always study up how you can on whoever you get involved with.. For example If it's a helper from a Forum, look at his past posts and discern if he is trustworthy and has some history.

Pretty easy to do really.

Just some ideas, obviously more difficult than just getting local.. but if you need something oddball rarely available, good methods to consider.


Wade Lippman
02-23-2018, 8:34 AM
About 15 years ago I found a piece of exercise equipment in the street and brought it home. I found it was only used for stretching, and belonged in the street; but put it on eBay for local pick up only. I would have used CL, but it didn't exist here then.

Someone in CA wanted to buy it, and offered to pay whatever it cost to ship. Two people wanted it, and the person in CA bought it for $450. Between the custom made corrugated box and the shipping, it cost $400 to ship.
After receipt, she emailed how delighted she was with it.

So... just because they say local pickup only doesn't mean they won't do it; they just doubt anyone will pay what it will cost.