View Full Version : Modified Router Boss with Sherline Headstock Motor

Scott Bernstein
01-29-2018, 10:15 AM
I've had my Router Boss for a couple of months. I had been playing around with the "4th Axis Workpiece Holder" accessory, which worked nicely, but it occurred to me that I might be able to mount a drive motor on it instead of the included hand crank. Sherline produces the parts for the Router Boss 4th Axis holder, so I gave them a call and talked to one of their machinists. He thought this idea would work, and asked me to send my sliding bar from the 4th axis kit to Sherline where he would machine it to accept a keyway alignment bar and the mounting pin for the motor unit. I did this and also purchased a self-centering headstock chuck, headstock riser block, tailstock riser block, and low-speed motor unit. Once I had received everything back from them assembly was easy. Attached are some pictures of the setup and a sample of Ash that I turned with my new motor-driven Router Boss Lathe. I think this extends the speed at which one can do turnings on the Router Boss plus the motor frees up a hand to operate the router. Also the motor is way better for sanding a finished piece than the standard hand crank. Of course if I want to do flutes or something, I can still mount the standard indexed hand-cranked headstock that comes with the 4th axis kit.