View Full Version : Modifying A Horizontal Band Saw

Doug Walls
01-14-2018, 11:53 PM
I recently picked up a second Kalamazoo 816 horizontal band saw as a parts machine for one that I've been working on rebuilding. I really only needed the gear-box & drive wheel for my current project, But having back-up parts is always a plus!

The cast-iron legs & base would have made a nice little metalworking workbench! But due to limited floor-space issues I sold them to a local guy that makes rustic tables with the legs. All in all it worked out pretty good because by selling the base & legs, I basically covered my original cost of the parts machine.

All of the spare parts (Besides the main frame) can be easily stored under a workbench or up on a shelf!
While trying to figure out where to store the frame, I started thinking of maybe making a vertical woodworking band saw with the frame?

The frame is made from fairy thick cast-iron so it's pretty sturdy but it would probably still need some additional bracing since the center/guide-support has been removed. Due to the original horizontal design of the saw, I would need to have the blade cover open towards the back of the saw or set it up as a left-handed saw (blade positioned to the left-side of the column).

Just wondering if anyone has tried doing this type of conversion?