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Bruce Wrenn
01-13-2018, 8:04 PM
In 1979, I bought a 4 1/2" angle grinder for $39.99. Adjusted to today's price that would be on the north side of $200. The grinder was a B&D Industrial line which included a warranty that said they would fix it for half the cost of a new one, or if it wasn't fixable, replace for half the cost of a new one. Last week let magic smoke out cutting a steel bath tub in half so we could remove it. Yesterday took it to local Dewalt Service Center. Tech took one look at it in my hand and announced that were no parts available for my grinder, so he would sell me one for $$69.99. Said no thanks, as I knew Dewalt grinders retail for less than $90, which would have made half around $45. (Verified price in both BORGS last night.) Went on line and looked up parts numbers. Found out that the current DW 402 also uses same exact parts. Called service center, talked to a different tech, and had her look up parts, some of which were in stock, and others would be in next week, if ordered today (Friday.) Told her that she and other tech needed to have a conference as one or the other was lying. Now what should I do. Go back to service center and have grinder fixed, buy a grinder "off the street," or pay too much at service center. FYI, I'm not expecting B&D to fix my grinder for free, only as in warranty.

Mike Henderson
01-13-2018, 8:24 PM
Your grinder is almost 40 years old. Assuming it didn't just sit on the shelf, you got a long life out if it. But now, you have to make the best choice.

If they won't budge on the price of $69.99 for a new one, I'd pay that. It's a better price than full retail.

I wouldn't have the old one repaired. Even if they did it for $45 what you'd wind up with is an old grinder. You might keep the warrantee but if it failed again, you'd have the price of a new grinder into the old one and you'd still have an old one.

Get the new one for the discount price. That seems like the best alternative if they won't give it to you for half of street price. They may say that the half price is half of the list price, not half of the street price.


[Just as a side note,I never put a lot of faith in warranties. Too often there's some escape clause that you didn't notice.]

Dan Friedrichs
01-13-2018, 9:24 PM
...it's 39 years old and you're concerned the warranty service they're providing isn't what you expected?

Brian Elfert
01-13-2018, 10:52 PM
The warranty price for a replacement is probably based on the MSRP which is often significantly higher than what the item sells for on the street. The tech may not have known the same parts are used for the current model. (It is pretty unusual in today's world to have a 39 year old model use the same parts as the current model.)

Clarence Martinn
01-14-2018, 9:59 AM
But will the new Dewalt last 39 years, like the old Black & Decker Industrial tool ? Too many things now a days , are made to last only a certain length of time.

Todd Mason-Darnell
01-14-2018, 11:13 AM
One other thing I would point out. The physical parts for the 1979 grinder and the current grinder may have the same part numbers, but I would find high unlikely that they would be interchangeable/the same physical product.

James Waldron
01-14-2018, 11:55 AM
I agree with the other posts here. Beyond those, I would add that you may have boxed yourself in a bit and need to mend some fences.

A forty year old tailed tool is a remarkable survivor or one that has not been used much at all. In either case, it doesn't owe you a lot. It's done well to survive as long as it has. In that context, you need not only take care to understand the difference between the MSRP and the BORG price so that you can see their point, but also make amends for calling the staff at the repair facility liars. They may not otherwise wish to be as helpful as they might otherwise be. While they may not have the opportunity to spit in your hamburger, they may be tempted to "fix" your product with the current parts with the same part numbers and let you take your chances that they are really the same and will last as long. As I read your description of the warranty, they have the right to make a repair -- which could take quite a while if the parts need some persuasion to fit (sorta) -- and leave you without your tool for a while.

And be assured: they will remember you when it comes to any other tools you may need to service in the future with them.

But maybe they are really good people who won't give in to such temptation and treat you well despite being called liars.

Dan Friedrichs
01-14-2018, 11:58 AM
I know it's a grinder (not a very sophisticated piece of machinery), but has there really been no innovation in 40 years that is worth taking advantage of? Maybe the new model isn't "how they used to be made", but doesn't it have better ergonomics? Isn't it lighter? Quieter? Not run as hot? Soft-start motor? Easier blade change mechanism? Less vibration?

Bruce Wrenn
01-14-2018, 7:10 PM
The fact that tech stated "there are no parts available" without even looking to see doesn't seem to bother anyone here, which truly surprises me. As for parts interchanging from older (4227) and newer (402), I own both types. The only difference between the two is color (black vs yellow) and 402 has newer type switch paddle (OSHA requirement.)