View Full Version : Bytefence, why has it appeared on my computer?

lowell holmes
12-24-2017, 9:05 AM
It just appeared. I know nothing about it.
Do I need to have a tech come in and remove it?

Al Launier
12-24-2017, 9:21 AM


If you want to remove it you" should"d be able to go to Control Panel on your computer, select Programs & Features, find it on the list of programs you have on your computer & then uninstall it

James Waldron
12-24-2017, 2:29 PM
bytefence is an antimalware product; a quick glance at reviews that turn up by googling "bytefence reviews" shows it gets good marks from users, rated just behind top rated MBAM (MalwareBytes Anti-Malware). Since you got it unawares, it has probably been installed as an add-on by your antivirus product during a maintenance update. And since it's already there, you might as well keep it. At least check out the reviews before you remove it.

As Al Launier said above, you don't need some stranger to come in to remove software. It's pretty easy to do and takes just moments.

Roy Petersen
12-24-2017, 2:41 PM
If it installed without your knowledge, read this: