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Jerry Eilander
12-19-2017, 3:09 AM
first of all hey to everyone ,as I'm new to this site. so cheers from "Down under",
now I'm trying to get a very small vector [drawing] on this gold ring .5mm by 4mm.
been trying to search it ,but no luck ,maybe due to ,i don,t know what the correct term for it is,
the thing is ,it sort of engraves on top of the ring, and when polishing it ,it loses its contrast fast,
the jeweler gave me a gold ring to try on luckly ,he was to melt it down latter,
i got no problems with deep engraving letters, it works well. but no go with vectors, same result on silver, brass .
the laser i'm using is a chinees fiber laser 30W with the EZCAD soft ware,
so any one with info or the correct settings, for this,to get me in the ball park, would really help .
sorry about the possible spelling mistakes ,as i havent found a "spell correct" in this program.
cheers Jerry

Kev Williams
12-19-2017, 2:02 PM
Try the wobble, your problem is just what it's designed for :) -- hit the 'advanced' button over on the right, below the power and laser start/stop settings.
This is what wobble does--
- it engraves a spiral shaped vector path. I did these sample quite large just to see for myself what happens ;) --

The plate in the pic is 1x3", the upper black engraving is actually a single line vector, and shows what you get with a large diameter but very small distance settings, this is (approx) a 4mm diameter wobble with around a .02mm distance, so the loops overlap a ton, very aggressive--

The middle wobble shows what happens when the distance entered is greater than the diameter, great for making loop designs but not too conducive for deep engraving...

The bottom shows identical diameter and distance values, note the loops just touch each other.

For engraving, overlapping seems more efficient, but a distance 2x the diameter will make each loop line the same distance apart, experiment to see what works best... For a starting point in your case, I'd start with a .01 diameter and .003 distance, which means the loops should overlap 3 times. .01mm is only 3/10,000 of an inch, so it shouldn't be too wide, and after experimenting you may want to increase to .03 or .04mm dia. with a .01 distance.

This may engrave very slow, or may not, but the wobble is usually much slower. And it can be very aggressive because it's so slow, so be aware :)

Jerry Eilander
12-20-2017, 4:18 AM
Hi Kev
Thanks for your reply, it will sure help a lot
Thanks for your detailed explanation
Much appreciated

Jeff Watkins
12-20-2017, 5:56 PM
Yes, Thank you Kev. I wasn't looking for this but it will help when my laser arrives. In searching for it I found a link for Trotec explaining it with a demonstration. It's just a visual version of what you said... Trotec should sub out to you for explanations! :)