View Full Version : It's Always the Stupid Things

Brian Henderson
12-14-2017, 5:29 PM
I've been getting ready for my oldest daughter to come home from college and one of the things I told her I'd do is replace the door to her room. So we went out, got a new door and all new hardware and I put it on... and it didn't fit. For some reason, the top corner wouldn't close all the way. So I've been screwing with it for days now, taking out hinges, trying to figure out where it isn't fitting, going around the door with a feeler gauge trying to figure out where it's binding.

And stupid me, at the very top of the door, there's this tiny nail, painted white so it blends in, sticking out. The door was hitting the nail this whole time. Once I grabbed a nail set and pounded it back in, everything worked perfectly.

Geez, I feel stupid. Always check for the stupid things before you waste time fixing all of the things that are just fine.

Mike Chance in Iowa
12-14-2017, 5:48 PM
I had an instructor that always said "Never overlook the obvious." Half the kids in the class failed the "obvious" part of the final exam.

glenn bradley
12-14-2017, 6:29 PM
They're only stupid after you find them :).

Steve Eure
12-15-2017, 5:10 AM
My wife and I got a laugh out of your post. She said that it reminded her of me. I told her I don't know if I would have posted something like that, but it's nice to know we all have the same problem at times.
Thanks for posting. Made my day!

Frederick Skelly
12-15-2017, 7:44 AM
They're only stupid after you find them :).

+1. Ain't that the truth!

Stan Calow
12-15-2017, 8:18 AM
at least you hadn't already planed the door down to fit. DAMHIKT.

George Bokros
12-15-2017, 8:31 AM
at least you hadn't already planed the door down to fit. DAMHIKT.

Or took it down and exchanged it for another and had the same problem.

John K Jordan
12-15-2017, 8:48 AM
You must not be a door installation expert. An expert is someone who makes all their mistakes in private. Sorry, you missed your chance to be the expert this time.

I'm no expert at anything. I make my mistakes right out in public. Then I post them on Facebook.

I had a similar issue with a wooden door to the feed/tack room in my barn. Started sticking, would close properly. I thought the barn was settling and used a plane on the door but it still wasn't right. I finally found an obstruction like you did! Duh.


Al Launier
12-15-2017, 8:54 AM
Hate to use a well worn out expression, but I try to use these incidents as a "learning experience". So far, it's touch & go. Must be an age thing. :rolleyes:

Justin Koenen
12-15-2017, 9:31 AM
John, I heard that "An expert is an ordinary person over fifty (50) miles from home!" Justin

Brian Tymchak
12-15-2017, 11:17 AM
at least you hadn't already planed the door down to fit. DAMHIKT.

Yes, guilty of that as well.... :(